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This dog was an old dog but so beautiful in his character, he was so lovely, painted for a private commission again, they chose a more contemporary style which I did quite loosely in watercolours, they loved it, sadly the dog died shortly afterwards, but at least they have a beautiful memory of him in my painting, I hope.

Two Cavaliers, painted for private commission for a good friend in the early 90’s, watercolour, she loved them, sadly passed away now but she still treasures her painting of them.

This spaniel was painted for a private client a long time ago, can’t remember his name, Baxter I think but what a lovely dog, I really enjoyed painting him.

This painting of the two spaniels was oil on canvas 40”x40”, larger than life size but personal to me as it was of the mother and brother of my beautiful spaniel pup Frankie, who wasn’t born when I painted this painting but means such a lot to me as now I can see him in them, so nice.

This painting was of a very old Labrador who was so beautiful and had such a gentle personality I felt honoured to paint him, his name was Hector, I did this for a private commission who also commissioned another position of Hector which I will show you later.

I painted this painting of Echo for a lovely family who owned a gun shop in Lancashire, they were overwhelmed by this painting and recommended me to their friends.

I painted this spaniel for a dog trainer who knows her dogs as this is her life, painted in watercolours she loved it and put my brochures up all around her store.

This spaniel was painted for a private commission who wanted a painting of his treasured spaniel re captured for his memory as he died a few years earlier, he loved him so much and couldn’t put into words how much he loved the painting.

This is Charlie, a private commission painted oil on canvas life size.

This is a watercolour of a working Labrador Max sat on the waters edge waiting for a command.

This is Harry, a private commission watercolour.

I painted this beautiful old Labrador Millie for a private commission, watercolour and her owner loved it.

Private commission watercolour

This is Frankie, our spaniel, I painted him in watercolour.

Private commission watercolour

Private commission watercolour

Five pups in a bathtub were painted for a farmer who loved this picture to be painted, it went down a treat with lots of praise and comments saying how much people loved it as I captured their characters so well.

Private commission watercolour

Private commission watercolour

Private commission watercolour

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