Janice Stubbs

Wildlife Gallery

I painted this silver back gorilla with lots of love and attention as I wanted to capture his character and presence, he’s lovely. Oil on canvas board.

My white rhino, I really enjoyed painting this beautiful animal and bringing out the texture in his skin, painted oil on canvas 20”x 30”.

Another elephant painting, this elephant is warning off a pair of lions in his territory, I find it delightful, oil on canvas.

These are a pair of lion cubs sat waiting in the long grass and ready to play, oil on canvas, I really enjoyed painting this pair.

These were a family of three elephants, I love and admire elephants very much, they are such fantastic animals, I really enjoyed painting them, this was for a private commission, oil on canvas.

These are three lion cubs playing at the water hole, so lovely playing with the butterfly, painted in oil on canvas for a private collector.

As you can see I love my elephants, this one is in the dry and dusty environment, you can almost taste the atmosphere on a hot day.

A falcon glistening in the morning sun, painted in watercolour.

An old bull elephant taking a stroll in the long grass, he looks so majestic, this was painted in oil on canvas for a private collector.

A mother and baby elephant at the watering hole, oil on canvas and painted for a private collector.

This is a watercolour painting of a leopard fast asleep on a log, so cute I couldn’t resist.

This is a young male elephant warning off any predators coming too near his environment, oil on canvas, painted again for a private collector.

This is oil on canvas, a wild buffalo, I love to bring out the detail of the skin in wildlife as it has so much texture and density, I love him as he looks quite old but very established.

Another bull elephant walking towards you, painted in oil on canvas.

This is a red stag painted in oil on canvas, again I wanted to bring out the texture of his coat and make him look very noble and proud which he does.

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