Janice Stubbs

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This painting of Nelson Mandella was done with lots of love for the man and I wanted to show his kindness coming through and try to capture his spirit and lovely nature, I did this in the same style as Mohamed Ali as it was for the same private collector who wanted them all to match but although I could have done it in another style I do feel this one suits the painting very well, so sad for his great loss, I painted this when he was still alive but quite poorly so it is nice now to look upon it and remember him, lovely man.

Prince Charles, I had to paint him as he has so much character and very distinguished with his looks, I have had so many wonderful comments about this painting, even saying I should present it to him myself but protocol got in the way, I did though donate the painting to Samlesbury Hall, Lancashire as a gift from me as they were quite good to me at the time.

Well do I have to explain myself as to why I painted Jack Nicholson? He’s an icon, most women’s dream of a man, rough around the edges but with that certain charm, that glint in his eye, I just couldn’t resist him, he has a most interesting face but quite handsome underneath his rough and ready appearance with a sense of bad boy, I just love him and couldn’t resist myself to paint him, what more can I say?

This painting was for a private commission of his two little girls, Millie and Daisy who came from Manchester, he wanted to capture their personalities before they grew up any more and I was honoured that he chose me to paint them for him, he loved the painting which took pride position in his home, I found them a lovely subject to paint which I really enjoyed doing for him, he was such a lovely man also.

Well, this was a private commission I did ages ago of a little girl, Samantha, she was so lovely I really enjoyed painting her and capturing her character, her family was overwhelmed with the painting, they loved it, what can I say.

This little girl was a private commission painted for her mother who wanted it now before she grew up, I truly loved bringing out her character and really capturing her innocence in the painting, she was dressed in her riding gear all ready for her riding lesson early that summers morning.

This was the first Mohamed Ali I painted for a private collector who wanted me to capture the sweat glistening on his forehead and his tension, as you can see I’ve dotted this in a contemporary way which gave the look he’d just been in a fight which was what he loved and as he is a great fan of Mohamed Ali was overjoyed with the finished result.

Well this man was such a favourite of many people I’ve met that I had no alternative but to paint him, he’s so young but determined and such a good sportsman I couldn’t resist but I wanted to create the atmospheric atmosphere in which he was swiping that ball, so fast that the grass and air all swished in front of him, I was striving for an action shot painting with this one, not small either, was approximately 40”x 50”, was sold to my private collectors friend who loved golf.

This was my second Mohamed Ali I painted in a similar style to the first so that it had an atmospheric look about it and 3D style, he has such a good face to paint as he has lots of character and I wanted to bring out the determination in his face which is what I hope I have achieved in this one, sold to the same private collector as the first.

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